How the best use LinkedIn for careers switching

Sometimes a situation occurs in our life when it becomes necessary to make an important decision about  searching for a new career or area of work, changing a type of our activity. A lot of people do this at some point. So, let’s find out what is the best way to use Linkedin powerful tools for careers switching. Many professional career coaches, certificated specialists make the articles, videos, webinars for LinkedIn on this very subject. One thing I want  you to understand, if you are going to use LinkedIn to change careers, it is just like driving a car on a super-fast highway, you’re going down a lane. You’re going really fast and then, all of a sudden you want to switch lanes. You don’t just swerve into the other lane, because that is catastrophe. What do you do in that case? You put on a blinker, you signal.

When you decide that you want to make a career change, you also need to signal. Otherwise they’re not going to know, that you want to make that change nor that you’re qualified to make that change.

Things like these happen all the time. People say “I want to completely change career, but their whole LinkedIn profile reflects what? The previous career. Well if recruiters find you, they’re not gonna hire you, because you don’t have the skill sets they need. They’re given a list of skills that you need to meet and they’re not seeing that. So you’re gonna have to signal. And how do you signal when you’re changing careers? Will that be through networking?

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The Biggest Common Mistake People Make On LinkedIn Trying To change Careers

Today we’re talking with Karen Hampton,  one of the most qualified professional linkedin profile writers and career coaches on LPWS. She offers the best possible solution and willingly shares with us her experience.

The solution is to leverage LinkedIn by creating a group of bucket list companies. Companies that hire for the skill set or the job or the career that you now want to get into. Now you need to connect using customized connection requests with people who work there. And then you need to set up informational interviews, conversations with people there to talk about what it takes to earn a position there and find out, if anybody’s ever switched careers before there and how they switch careers. And maybe even how somebody like you with your current skill sets could work there leveraging those skill sets as a way to get into the company and navigate into a new career path.

You are signaling, that is the essence of it and it will not happen otherwise. This is exactly the same error that I talked about in one of my last LinkedIn articles that I posted here:

I’ve had people who all the time say “I’ve decided to make a career change. So I applied to a hundred job and the career I want to be in. I know I’m perfectly qualified, but no one’s contacting me”. That’s right, because perceptually in your brand you didn’t signal. There’s nothing there telling you’re qualified. I don’t see any certifications, I don’t see any volunteering, I don’t see any work history. Nothing, so I’m not gonna contact you.

But I use LinkedIn as a tool to get into those groups, follow the groups, attend things, network, connect, conversations, now I’m going to insert myself with those individuals, who can refer me in. And we know that 80 percent of all jobs are gotten via referral. So that is the best way to use LinkedIn to change careers.

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