Top 10 professions in demand for women

1. The designer. According to the rating, built by the Superjob portal on the basis of polls, the profession of designer arouses envy among others. This is a “dust-free”, well-paid job, where you need to think creatively and love to draw. Not a job, but a fairy tale for creative people! But, of course, if you are familiar with at least one designer, you know that they have busy days, a creative crisis, or, conversely, simply do not have orders. The life of a designer is as difficult as the life of other intellectual workers.

2. The doctor. After receiving a medical education, the girl will be able to build a career and become the head physician or minister of health. She can do research or open her own clinic. In medicine, there is great scope for self-realization in various positions and specialties. But in addition, her skills will help in family life. The need to treat homework and provide first aid may appear unexpectedly.

3. A caregiver, that is, nurses and nannies, work in hospices, nursing homes and help people at home. The desire to help and change a person’s life for the better leads to the fact that women find themselves in charity.

4. The teacher. Another area where it is necessary to help others is the teaching and development of the younger generation. There are more women than men among teachers in colleges and universities. Unfortunately, this is due not only to the fact that women teach better, but also to the level of salaries of educators. Men choose more profitable areas of activity.

5. The programmer. Among program developers, there are still fewer women than men. Although women working in IT, consider this a misunderstanding, because the computer does not have gender differences. It is believed that women become good testers, because they are more focused, more attentive to design and therefore make fewer mistakes. Women programmers themselves consider the ability to work in a team and find a compromise, which is so much appreciated in working on a project, to be their advantage.

6. The stewardess. A highly paid romantic profession that does not require higher education. For stewardesses, having good looks, diplomacy, knowledge of English and good health is important. The competition for the position of a flight attendant is very large, and it’s unlikely that you can get an airline earlier than 19 years old. Therefore, after the 9th grade, you can finish college first in suitable areas – medical, linguistic, humanitarian. And with this bonus already come to the selection of the airline. You will be studying for the profession of a flight attendant already at courses at the airline.

7. Brand manager. A specialist who is involved in product positioning and creating value in the eyes of the buyer. Brand managers are able to build subtle communication with a client so that he not only wants to buy a product, but becomes a supporter of this company, loves it. You can come to brand management through the “Marketing” direction or through “PR and public relations.”

8. The stylist creates an individual image of a person with the help of makeup, hairstyles, clothes. He works on film sets on television, in magazines and personally with the client. To become a stylist, you must first graduate from college in the field of “Hairdressing”, “Design”, “Makeup Artist-Stylist”, “Makeup Stylist”, etc. And then study independently at master classes and collect a portfolio, because a diploma is only 30% success for a future stylist.

9. Marketer. A company employee who builds a strategy for promoting goods and services. His task is not just to sell a product once, but to increase the company’s profit in the long run. Marketing professions include, but are not limited to, professions: Social Media Marketing (SMM) and SEO (Search Engine Optimization). These specialists help companies to promote products and services on the Internet – through social networks or in search engines. Working in Internet marketing allows you to maintain the very balance of work and personal life that mom and wife need so much. You can work as a freelancer remotely and on a flexible schedule.

10. Fitness trainer. What is needed for a future fitness trainer? First, to lead a healthy lifestyle and be in perfect shape – you must be a role model in a fitness club. Secondly, to know the anatomy, physiology, nutrition, human nutrition, because fitness is impossible without a scientific approach. Thirdly, to study safety measures during physical education classes so that you do not have to apply first aid knowledge if the barbell has fallen on the client. Fourth, to be sociable and look positively at the world, because they come to a fitness trainer not only for a figure, but also for a good mood.

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